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JUNXBOX seeks to bridge the technology divide by providing a fun and engaging environment that will empower youth through collaborative first-hand experiences. The fundamental goals of Junxbox are to provide technical skill acquisition, relevant soft skills, social capital, and provide the physical assets which will open the door to allow all kids access to participate in the global marketplace of ideas regardless of socioeconomic status.

We at JUNXBOX hope that through introductions to a wide variety of industry experts, exposure to new ideas, and the development of strong problem-solving skills, we can provide these kids with the tools they need to Hack Their Futures and break cycles of poverty paving a path for numerous future successes.

Our hands-on approach will give kids in the 4th and 5th grades the opportunity to join us after school to design and build their computer systems. JUNXBOX kids will not only design and construct their systems, but they will also perform all the software installations as well as planning and building the JUNXBOX lab network.

We want to model for the kids that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can succeed. To achieve this, our guests and volunteers will be drawn from a wide array of different backgrounds. We believe that engaging with a diverse group of people is essential to dispel some of the ingrained barriers to success that a lot of our kids struggle with.

JUNXBOX doesn’t simply stay in the classroom. When the kids graduate, the machines they build go with them. This also includes the software licenses. A computer without access to the world is limited in its ability to change lives, so, JUNXBOX will provide one year of free Internet service to qualifying families through our isp partnerships.

Through skill acquisition, network building, and their personalized computer systems we want the kids to come away with the understanding that you can do anything you want if you learn how to HACK YOUR FUTURE!



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